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Host a Change47 "Fun"raiser and awareness event at your staff meeting, school, club or home? Turn your event into one that makes a difference for people who are homeless. Let's Change 47 together!

Homelessness in Australia is a national emergency - on average, people living on the streets have a life expectancy of just 47. That's why we're raising funds for Beddown to establish 6 new venues in Queensland. Help me change lives and save lives with a $47 tax-deductible donation.


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Saturday 20th May
What an opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves. It is a sad state to have neighbours living on the streets, with no bed to sleep safely,  Most of us do not think twice about  where we will be sleeping tonight….. let’s pull together to provide this basic necessity for others. So much focus is on raising funds for charities that support third world countries. This is great, but here, in our home towns, we have people’ needing our assistance and support too.  

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Heather Bastin