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Let's help EVERYONE get a good night's sleep!

Beddown is once again activating underutilised spaces into safe and secure overnight accommodation for people sleeping rough. 

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Your donation will contribute to immediate relief responses for people sleeping rough.

Kick starting with 1,000 bed nights!

Beddown is once again activating underutilised spaces into safe and secure overnight accommodation for people sleeping rough.

Reimagining our welcoming hospitality and turn-down accommodation service for Beddown guests, and taking it to the next level.

Launching the Good Night Initiative, kick starting with 1,000 bed nights in vacant hotel rooms for single adults sleeping rough on the streets of our cities and towns. A much needed stopgap between sleeping rough and longer-term housing solutions.


Our worst ever housing and homelessness crisis.

Latest statistics from the Australian Government indicate 273,600 people were supported by specialist service agencies dedicated to homelessness across Australia in 2022-2023 of which 100,682 were new to these organisations.* 

An average of 31.3% of accommodation across Australia was vacant each night during 2022-2023.**

We also know that single adults are highly represented in cohorts of people seeking assistance from homelessness services.***

* Australian Government's Specialist Homelessness Services: 2022-2023 Annual Report, published on 28 November 2023; **Australian Accommodation Monitor - Summary prepared by STR and published on 22 September 2023; ***Policy Paper: Housing Challenges for Single Person Households prepared by Community Housing Industry Association, Victoria, published January 2024.

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How it Works

Working with trusted community organisations who are highly experienced in ensuring people sleeping rough can access pathways to sustainable housing, Beddown is providing an immediate relief response, with health and wellbeing support at its heart.

Our bed nights offer a chance for personal care and grooming to occur, a peaceful environment to consider next steps, and a place to have a good night's sleep in comfort and safety. 

All the while ensuring Beddown guests receive wrap-around support from knowledgeable teams, who can link them to targeted supports, on their way to longer-term housing solutions. 


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An immediate relief response, to restore health, dignity and respect for our guests.

Beddown, with our Community Partners, provide vital connections for our guests to a range of service providers to offer a pathway to:

Links to short and long term accommodation

Referrals to general and specialised medical care (including mental health and addiction support services

Connections to government organisations and programs

Clothing, toiletries and other incidentals for personal care and grooming

Illustrative graphic of food, clothing, laundry and other support for people sleeping rough.

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Beddown is a much valued brand of inCommunity Inc. 

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