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Host a Change47 "Fun"raiser and awareness event at your staff meeting, school, club or home? Turn your event into one that makes a difference for people who are homeless. Let's Change 47 together!

Homelessness in Australia is a national emergency - on average, people living on the streets have a life expectancy of just 47. That's why we're raising funds for Beddown to establish 6 new venues in Queensland. Help me change lives and save lives with a $47 tax-deductible donation.

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4x7 Reasons

Friday 12th May
Turning 47 this year, I am inspired to participate in this meaningful fundraising activity, thanks to Norm's encouragement.

For every donation that you make, I will send you an exclusive electronic copy of my best 4x7 Dad Jokes, o'RAY'ginally (yes, that's a sneak peek of the quality of humour you can expect) written and illustrated by yours truly.

47 is the average life expectancy of people who are homeless. Hundreds of people lose their life each year on the streets of Australia. This is a National emergency and needs to change.

We have pledged to Change 47 by raising funds by hosting a Change 47 "fun"raiser to support six new Beddown venues across Queensland. Beddown isn't just a safe place to sleep, it's a health and social response giving people access to a range of services that are life changing.

Help me change lives and save lives by making a donation of $47. It tax deductible, so get in by or before 30 June.

Please help me help my dear friend Norm towards his target.

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Good stuff Ray




Rowena Lynch

What an amazing cause! And happy birthday Ray!!!! And so looking forward to reading the dad jokes 🤣




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Good one, Ray! Thanks for bringing this important cause to the front of our minds.


Andrulla Pfaff

Good cause Ray 👏


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Thumbs up!