Change 47 on 7 News Brisbane

16 May 2023
Take part of an old under-utilised former restaurant in Ipswich, see the potential to activate it for good, get some legends involved to help with the design and planning and you have what will be the most amazing venue for female guests!

We have always looked to venture into non-traditional spaces to activate them into safe places for the homeless to access safety, shelter, security, services and a great nights sleep as well as providing pathways into longer term solutions for our guests.

There are so many spaces empty waiting to help the many people that find themselves now sleeping rough.
Our most ambitious fundraiser ever is has just started and through Change 47 - - we want to bring Beddown to another 5 locations around Queensland, it could be from the Gold Coast, out west to Toowoomba or up to Far North Qld, we want to help more people.

You can Give $47 towards changing lives and saving lives or get involved in other "Fun" raising ways, all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you to 7NEWS Brisbane & Erin Edwards for covering our story last night.

Also, thank you to the amazing people and organisations that help us bring spaces to life:
  • BSPN Architecture - Rod Barr and his amazing team
  • Wolter Consulting Group - Natalie Rayment, Louise Macpherson and the amazing team
  • Ipswich City Council - Cr Andrew Fechner
  • InCommunity Connect - Paul Tommasini and all the amazing crew here.
  • And of course Kym, our beautiful guest who was brave enough to take part in our story last night.

We have always been powered by the people to help our most vulnerable people.

Please help and support us as we look to make change together and start by giving $47 towards changing lives and saving lives.

Thank you to the generous people who have supported us so far, we really appreciate you backing us.

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